Van Balkom Non Ferro Scheiding BV

In January 1991 I started working at van Balkom's Heavy Media plant in Oss with the intention to start working in Gent after a few months of preparation. In Gent the plant was almost finished and could almost start producing.

After 1 month however it appeared that Mr. Jan Hooiveld wanted to quit working for van Balkom, and I was asked to replace him as a marketing manager.

This work contained the buying of feed material for a "Heavy Media plant" in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.

In 1992 the van Balkom group was taken over for 60% by Sommer Metall Gesellschaft (SMG) in Germany. The problem however was that by the end of 1992 SMG went Bankrupt. The SMG shares were sold to Zomet van Balkom Hockenheim(former headoffice) was taken over by employees of the company, and the Hamburg plant just closed and was taken over in a later stage by Nordschrott.

After the take over by Zomet we started focusing on the German market, and the Oss plant was runnning better and better. Bob Hartman and I devided the markets and there was enough material available for everyone.
By 1994 however it became more and more difficult to make transfrontier shipments since the Baseler convention prohibited some materials to cross borders, the problem however was that the authorities didn't supply details about what was allowed and what was not allowed. So a lot of companies in the recycling business were confused. This depressed the markets and the availabilties of the markets dropped so by the end of 1994 Van Balkom suffered from some bad results. The consequence of this was that I got dismissed. After one month however in December 1994 I founded Levimet.

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