Concorde Metal Recycling BV

From October 1988 till December 1990 I worked for MCI.

I started at the MCI warehouse Concorde Metal Recycling BV in Maarssen and we turned over Gunmetal mixed Copper millberry yellow Brass (Honey) mixed Radiators, and everything which could be consumed by the Copper tin Refinery and Lead. Next to the turnover we also did the first visual quality check with estimation of the content.

In summer 1989 the director of the CMR group, also part of Metallo Chimique, asked me to found and run a subsidiary (warehouse) as well near Rotterdam. The purpose of this warehouse was to try and act like a small scrapyard and buy material from the plumbers and all small industry which produces metals fitted for the refinery in Beerse.

After 1 year however the prices went down the hill and less and less material was produced. Consequence of the less prosporous business was that the last opened warehouses had to be closed. By the summer of 1990 I worked for MCI in Beerse and I sold metals at the sales department. In the same period I was approached to join the van Balkom Group, since they wanted to start a plant for the treatment of electronic equipment.

In January 1991 I started working for Van Balkom Non-Ferro Scheiding BV in Oss.

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