Visser Recycling Techniek BV

From 1984 till 1988 I used to work for a company founded by my father my brother and myself. We applied Watertables to sort remaining copper granules from plastic waste from cable granulationplants. I started in the production as a machine operator.

After a few years I had to travel through several countries to buy feed material for the watertables which were capable of processing about 100 MT per day. We tried to expand our activities into the processing of plastic as well.

By 1988 it became more and more difficult to survive, although we settled in an industrial zone, we had difficulties with our neighbours who started complaining about the noice our machines produced. By the middle of 1988 we sold half of the equipment to a German company.

In October 1988 I found another job at Concorde Metal Recycling BV in Maarssen, which was a warehouse owned by Metallo Chimique International N.V.).

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